He arrived with me.

If the accident happens, report to me.

The fisherman exaggerated the size of the fish he had caught.

I've been involved in a filthy trade.

Jerrie tried to swim.

She gave me a wonderful smile.

I remember what Albert used to be like.

I'd like to live in a decent house.


It looks very nice.

Sharks are killed for their fins.

The ATM swallowed the credit card.

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If I were a bird, I could fly to you.


How long will you stay with your aunt?

I've got something on you.

Andrew is going to help us.

Derek wore a hat.

It is a common saying that thought is free.


He didn't learn anything in school.


I've got to go back to Boston tomorrow.

We were all surprised that Dylan won the race.

Hohn is proud of Dwayne.

He came by bus.

I want to eat something different for a change.

They're not doing anything wrong.

Why don't you go meet him?

In the process of grammaticalization, an uninflected lexical word (or content word) is transformed into a grammar word (or function word).

No one's been hurt.

If I understand correctly, I've been taken for a ride.

I was all by myself.

I don't know your reasons for not liking Noam.

You're going to lose.

In spring it becomes warmer and warmer.

I took the cake out of the oven.

She spends her free time making dolls.

Half of the bottles of wine in the case that Sergei bought were corked.

He is the least likely to come.

I put it in the box.


Benny goes to the discotheque.

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I asked Shaw if he liked Chinese food.


We were in the Rio de Janeiro botanical gardens.

I'll have to talk about it eventually.

He was stressed, certainly, but sane.


She had breakfast.

It really doesn't affect you, does it?

Donn and Ian are going to get married next month.

I have to get them.

I'll watch her.

Jill is the only person in the office who can speak French.

Tracey put on his right blinker.

He would not agree to our proposal.

The weak-willed are prone to go to the dogs; the strong-willed turn failure into success.


I still haven't decided yet.

Pray for us.

Money doesn't always bring happiness.


Dan is the best in Tatoeba.


Studying is making me a social outcast!


Christophe wasn't as busy as I thought he'd be.

The eggs were graded according to weight and size.

Dan showed Linda his butterfly collection.


Sjaak's hurt.

I don't want to talk to you about this.

The market for luxury goods is growing fast.

Sherman currently plays first trumpet in his high school band.

I broke the wedding vows that I had sworn to Don Jose, my husband.

Do you have any idea where I've been?

You should not have written that.

I'm out of town next week.

Concentrate on what you're doing, not on what your classmates are doing.

Nou fell asleep with his clothes on.

Sabrina is not cut out to be a teacher.

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Thanks so much for your help.

I could eat this for every meal.

I was just teasing you.


We learned how to read French in school, but didn't really learn how to speak it.

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In Colombia, the population is classified into social strata ranging from one to six, one being the poorest and six being the richest.


Gill does nothing but watch TV all day long.

The world's your studio.

Oh! her kiss was colder than ice.

Moe never goes out at night.

I should've expected this to happen.

She sat next to him.

See you next week!

Someone told me that I couldn't park there.

Classical music soothes me.

He went out prepared for rain.

Can I take off early?


The weather is unusual today.


He was provoked into hitting her.


Try not to make him angry.


She is not ugly.

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He named his puppy Pooch.


She has a well-proportioned figure.

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He was treated terribly.

She is listening to him.

Will it take long to recover?

Be happy and don't ask any more questions...that is best.

It was his decision.


You're in no condition to drive.


Irvin never went to college.

I speak Lojban.

Go back, Uri.


We will start tomorrow, weather permitting.


Tell me why you want to go there.

My dad is stronger than your dad.

You're still involved.


Isaac Newton was an English alchemist.


This is very difficult for them.

Bea didn't come on time.

Srinivasan folded up the newspaper and put it on his desk.


When did you move to Berlin?

It's all just a big misunderstanding.

Where did you grow up?

I'm Heinz's sister.

Acknowledge your own faults before criticizing others.

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Lea has achieved his goals.

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Jennie seems pretty bad.

All the students are already in the classroom.

I'm extremely tired.

She was there all morning.

The burglar gained access to the house through this door.

The subway entrance is on the corner.

Kevan looks familiar.

The garden is laid out in the Japanese style.

We guarantee the lowest price for a French language school in Quebec, Canada.


Make him stop!

Don't try to do this by yourself.

Now that I have finished this assignment I want to go to sleep, but I have to go to school.

I built ten thousand walls, for you to knock them all down.

Rob, go watch TV.


The old lady was kind enough to show me the way to the station.

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We support Arthur's decision.

I just want to know what you did this morning.

Malcolm sometimes doesn't seem to understand what I'm saying.


Say hello to her for me.

The newcomers were quickly absorbed into the community.

Malus fell in the swimming pool.

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The principle difference between lettering and typography is that typography is based on fonts, which are static letterforms, and letter shapes formed by lettering are fluid and malleable.

Sjaak is a lecherous old man.

I have the feeling there's something you haven't told me yet.

The sooner you give up, the greater the benefits.

Randell has to eat his lunch in fifteen minutes.

I nailed it.

Watch your tongue.

Can I ask you some questions?

In addition to mathematics, physics and astronomy, Newton also had an interest in alchemy, mysticism and theology.

Others were excluded too, right?

The total amounted to 100 dollars.

The teacher gave a presentation on the history of France.

There's only one way to settle this.

I spent an idle week there.

Both parties are to blame.


What is inside there?

I have three weeks left until my departure, and so far I still don't have a visa.

You'll probably be late for work if you don't hurry.

I'm trying to rest.

I met my teacher on the street the other day.

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Before the city council could select a contractor and begin construction on a new recreation centre, eligible voters had to approve, by referendum, a $2 million bond issue to pay for its expected capital cost.


Do you have my book?